Mom, 32, gives birth to ‘one in a million’ twins, one of whom has Down’s syndrome

Although we have come a long way in medicine and can now know much about our child before they’re even born, nature always continues to surprise us.

British couple Nicola and Todd Bailey were already the proud parents of a four year old boy, Lucas, when they received further joyful news…

Nicola was pregnant again.

“I did have a weird feeling as I got bigger a lot quicker than my previous pregnancy,” Nicola said, adding that she also felt very sick, reports Inside Edition.

But soon, it became clear that there was a very good reason for this: Nicola wasn’t just pregnant with one child — she was expecting twins.

Nicola’s water broke in just week 32, but skilled doctors thankfully managed to stop her contractions. Two little babies, Harper and Quinn, could thus remain in mom’s belly a week longer before they were to be delivered.

“As soon as I saw them both, my heart just melted. They were both so beautiful,” Nicola said.

Because the girls were born prematurely, they were quickly taken care of by a doctor. But just 30 minutes after Harper was born, the doctor came back into Nicola’s room and said, “I’m sorry.”

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So let’s start right at the very beginning, I still look at this photo and am filled with every emotion. This takes me right back to Harper’s diagnosis. “I’m sorry” the Dr said, a term no parent ever wants to hear as you know something bad will follow. “Your baby is showing signs of Down syndrome” I felt numb, I was in shock and I did not know how I felt or how I was supposed to feel. This is the first photo of Harper I took, I remember thinking I did not really want to take her picture, I felt like if I did her diagnosis was more real, I wasn’t sure I wanted to share her with the world and I remember thinking she did not look “perfect” and all I could see was Down syndrome. Even saying this now, I feel like the worst mummy ever. I judged my own daughter based on her condition, and I think that’s why I don’t like looking back at these pictures. I go right back to that moment and the feelings I had, I go back to person I was before Harper changed me and before I knew her and not her condition. I wish I knew then what I know now about Down syndrome. I would shake myself for feeling that way, I would enjoy her being little and soak her up as her early days are just blur filled with grief, but I did not need to feel that. She is the most amazing precious little girl and I for sure wouldn’t want her any other way. #grateful #scbu #nicu #multiples #photooftheday #pregnancy #downsyndromenemes #downsyndromemonth #bornthisway #honestmothering #downsyndromebaby #newborntwins #belikeharper❤️

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They suspected Harper had Down syndrome, something tests later confirmed.

Nicola and Todd Bailey, from Sheffield, didn’t find out their baby girl had the genetic disorder until she was born.

Nothing during the pregnancy had appeared out of the ordinary and the parents had no idea that one of their babies had an extra chromosome until she was born, 38 minutes after sister Quinn.

“Our family is unique and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Nicola said.

“Harper is Harper and Quinn is Quinn,” she added. “They are not the same so I try not to compare them, however hard that may be.”

Nicola, who’s a nurse, is now hoping to raise more awareness of Down syndrome, which causes, among other things, a variety of intellectual delays as well as some physical limitations.

”We get comments like ‘oh is she a Down’s baby’ or ‘I know a Down’s girl’. She’s not a Down’s baby, she’s a baby with Down’s syndrome,” Nicola says and continues:

”They still break the news by saying ‘I’m sorry’. I’m really not sorry. Harper is perfect I would not change her, her little smile lights up the room and she is who she’s supposed to be.”

Down syndrome is the most commonly occurring chromosomal condition. Approximately one in every 700 babies in the United States is born with Down syndrome, or around 6,000 births per year, according to NDSS.

According to experts, the chance of having one twin with the condition is one-in-a-million.

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Twins occurs at a rate of 1 in every 65 births Down syndrome occurs at a rate of 1 In every 700 births. Twins born with Down syndrome occurs at a rate of 1 in a every 1 million births I learnt a few days ago an egg carrying a extra chromosome only 20% survive cell division, and of that 20% only 20% survive to fertilisation and of that only 20% survive to birth. This statistic is crazy because looking at them figures alone it Is crazy Harper is alive and here today, but add in the twin facts too harper is a real life miracle!!! My real life miracle !!!! #igrewamiraclewhatsyoursuperpower #changingthefaceofbeauty #perfectlyinperfect #extracute #extrachromosone #downsyndromeawareness #purebeauty #twingirls #sibilings #sisters #girlgang #girlsquad #sisterlove #sistersforever #babygirl #babytwins #cutebabygirl #doubleisthenewbubble #mytwin

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Despite the fact that Harper and Quinn aren’t identical twins and Harper has Down’s syndrome, you can still see the tips of their little noses and lips are the same.

”The bond they share as twins is like nothing else and I can’t wait to continue to watch them both grow. Our family is unique and I wouldn’t change it for the world”, Nicola explains.

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Some kids are smarter than others, some kids are better at sports, some kids are cooler, some kids better at art, but it does not not matter, every child has their own thing !! Be the kind kid Be the generous kid Be the kid who can get along Be the kid who’s happy for others Be the kid who does the right thing BE THE NICE KID Kids are not all the same, they all have their own talents, their own thing, we don’t need to raise our children to all be the same we need to raise them to be who their meant be. SPECIAL IN THEIR OWN WAY #raisingkids #raisingkidsright #bekind #behappy #downsyndromeawareness #samebutdifferent #wouldntchangeathing #iamable #perfectlyimperfect #upsyndrome #myhappyviews #instamum #honestmothering

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Today, Harper and Quinn are 19-months-old.

Nicola has also created an Instagram account where all fans and supporters can follow the family’s journey.

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It’s has been proven that people who have Down syndrome bring joy and happiness to those around them, and from my experience it’s easy to see why!! It’s no secret that I have experienced mental health problems in the past and still have to make a daily effort to control my thoughts, but when we live in a world where people choose hate and to be nasty, it’s easy to see why mental health is on the rise but here’s are a few things I’ve learnt from Harper : You don’t have to be perfect (perfect does not exist) It’s ok to have bad days this makes you human Small steps are still progress Asking for help is not a sign of weakness it show your strength You may not be the best but trying you best is what counts And alway remember you are always loved by someone. So in a world that’s filled with negatives be more like Harper, be kind, be happy and smile #belikeharper❤️

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I’ve met several adults with Downs Syndrome. They don’t have a mean bone in their body. They are Angel’s on earth 

These beautiful babies have such a wonderful mom. Perfection is in the lovely gift from God! 

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