Mom and newborn come home to an ice-cold house – find a note that warms everyone’s hearts

When my children and I are home on frigid winter days, I always make sure our home is warm and cozy.

Once in a while, it’s on the chilly side, but it’s nothing compared what Jesse and Maria Hulscher and their children went through last winter in Minnesota.

Maria had just given birth to the couple’s second child and the family was hoping to bring their newborn home to a comfortable, warm place. Then, the unthinkable happened – the family’s furnace broke down and their house became freezing.

With a two-year-old in the house and a newborn arriving in two days, dad Jesse was worried.

“Instantly I panicked. I have a two-year-old here, a newborn coming home in a couple days, and this was before the big potential snow storm,” he told Fox9.

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Jesse Hulscher realized he needed help, so he called Magnuson Sheet Metal. It was a weekend, but the company’s co-owner, Craig Aurand, said that a repairman was on the way. And less than an hour later, Jesse’s house was warm again.

But the big surprise came a few days later when the family looked in the mailbox and saw the bill.

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It turned out that the company didn’t want the Hulschers to pay anything at all. Magnuson Sheet Metal wrote on the bill that the family should save their money for taking care of their children. It was an incredibly kind gesture, but it wasn’t the first time the company had made repairs for families Maria and Jesse’s.

Jesse posted this image on Facebook, and he immediately received lots of likes and supportive comments.

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The company’s owner, Craig, explained to Fox9 that he doesn’t do it for the publicity. Instead, he wants to help families in need. And it turns out that the company often offers free services to families in need.

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