Mom and son recreate photo in same spot at Disney World as they did on opening day in 1971

A Florida mother and son who visited Walt Disney World on its opening day 50 years ago have revisited the park to take a photo in the same spot.

Walt Disney World is celebrating its 50th anniversary and when Susan Kroll heard she decided to revisit the spot where she and her son visited all those years ago.

The Lake Mary, Florida, resident said she was living in Buffalo, New York when Walt Disney’s first Florida park Magic Kingdom opened in 1971.

While visiting family in the area with her husband and one-year-old son Bill, she decided to take a trip to see the new attraction.

“I couldn’t even believe how beautiful it was. Everybody that was there was just fascinated with the whole place,” she said, as per Fox News. “Everyone was very excited to be there.”

“I had been to amusement parks before but nothing like that,” she added.

The mother and son had their picture taken outside Cinderella Castle while there on opening day.

Now 50 years after that historic moment the mother and son headed to Magic Kingdom on Saturday to take the same picture.

Although Bill doesn’t remember the first time he was taken to the magical world of Walt Disney, as an Orlando resident and seasonal employee as a teenager, he’s visited it hundreds of times over the years but says it never gets old.

“I’ve never stopped being amazed at the genius, creativity, passion, and excellence that Walt started and the employees and leaders have carried on,” he said.

“Even though I live in Orlando, every time I walk in the parks, I feel like I’m in another world — Walt’s world!”

Walt Disney World kicked off its 50th anniversary celebration, called ‘The World’s Most Magical Celebration,’ on Friday.

walt disney world magic kingdom
Bill Kroll/Fox News

Susan said she while she goes to the parks often – she attended all four openings of the Walt Disney World Parks – her son hadn’t been in a long time.

“We were very excited. Bill was like a little kid coming up Main Street. He hasn’t been there in a long time. I go a lot but he doesn’t go very often. So, he said ‘I remember this, I remember that,’” she added.

Bill added, “My first impression turning down Main Street was how beautiful the castle looked all painted and ready for the 50th.

“My mom was on cloud nine each time we did our show and tell,” Bill said, referring to the times his mom showed the park’s cast members their original tickets.

Susan plans to visit the parks again with her friends and then with her grandchildren.

Walt Disney World Resort will mark its anniversary with celebrations for the next 18 months, including new experiences opening at the Florida resort.

What a beautiful way to celebrate this iconic attraction’s 50th birthday, it’s brought so much joy to so many people and just keeps getting better and better.

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