Mom begs for a makeover – when her son sees the results, he can’t hold back the tears

We all have our favorite clothes and hairstyles, whether we think about it or not. And some of us can go years without realizing that our look is slowly becoming drab.

But then one day, we wake up and realize we’re in a rut and need a change.

Like this woman, who wanted to freshen up her style before her high school reunion.

When her son saw her incredible transformation, he couldn’t hold back the tears.

Recently, Michelle Moyers has made great changes in her life. The 48-year-old lost 40 pounds (18 kg), and she wanted to make another change before her upcoming 30th high school reunion.

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When Michelle heard that the “Today” show was going to give a few viewers makeovers, she stood outside their studio in New York with a sign that described the changes she had made so far.

Fortunately, her plan worked, and she became one of the lucky few to get a makeover.

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Michelle thought her hairstyle was tired and needed a big change.

The stylists agreed, and just a few hours later, the television audience and Michelle’s son Daniel got to see the results.

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Daniel was wearing a blindfold when Michelle entered the studio with her beautiful new style.

And when Daniel finally took off his blindfold, he could barely recognize the person standing in front of him.

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When Daniel realized that it was his mother, he couldn’t hold back his tears.

Then, it was Michelle’s turn to see herself — and she could hardly believe her eyes, either.

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What an incredible makeover! I’m just amazed by the results, and so happy to see Michelle and her son Daniel so full of joy.

Watch the whole transformation — including the big reveal — here:

Like Daniel, I had difficulty holding back the tears when I saw Michelle’s new look. Don’t forget to share this video so that more people see Michelle’s awesome makeover.

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