Mom can’t fit disabled toddler into grocery cart – store’s gesture takes her by surprise

If you’re a parent – or have previously raised kids – you’ll know that grocery shopping can be a uniquely difficult experience.

I’m not sure what it is about stores and children deciding they want to misbehave, but I’m convinced there’s a link somewhere. In any case, Melody Leach’s 2-year-old bucked the trend; she wasn’t loud or disruptive in the store, but the mom still found it difficult to do her weekly grocery shopping.

Why? Well, though her little girl might have been well behaved, she couldn’t fit into the store’s shopping carts …

Melody’s toddler Beatrice was born with cerebral palsy. Despite being close to three-years-old, the youngster couldn’t talk or crawl, and even had poor eyesight.

Her mom would often try to take her along when she went to shop at the King Snoopers in Loveland, Colorado, but Beatrice couldn’t fit into the baby section of the carts. As a result, Melody had to push Beatrice’s wheelchair around the store whilst also carrying a basket – no easy task.


What Melody didn’t know, though, is that employees had been watching her struggle; they wanted to help. The store’s manager, Mike, made a call to his seniors to see if they could get hold of a cart especially designed for individuals with special needs.

That was just the start. Not only did they get a “Caroline’s Cart” just for Beatrice, they also decided to go one step further. In the store, the cart’s now referred to as “Beatrice’s Cart”, and Melody describes it as a “little princess wagon”.


The gesture may seem like a small one, but it’s small acts of kindness like this that send ripples out across the world. Melody’s job has certainly got a good deal easier – she choked up when stating: “Why would they care? I’m just one person and we’re one family. It’s really nice.”

You can see more on Melody and Beatrice in the video below:

Now Melody can take Beatrice shopping with her and not have to worry so much. What a fantastic gesture by the store, and how thoughtful of manager Mike!

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