Mom discovers huge blisters on soles of baby’s feet – days later, police learn terrible truth

Anyone who’s recently had a child will be able to appreciate the fact that it’s nice to have some alone time. Even if that means simply taking a shower with the door closed, or reading the pages of a new book.

Things as routine as taking a glass of wine with a friend can feel like luxuries to those who have young ones at home.

Of course, on those occasions that we do leave our child, we do so only when we have utmost confidence in the person we’ve left to look after them.

For one mother, however, her child-free moment quickly spiralled into a nightmare …

The mom in question had left her six-month-old baby with a 36-year-old woman, Ismelda Ramos Mendoza from Bladensburg, USA, for a few hours.

She could never have imagined what she would come home to.

The day after she’d left her baby, whose name was Ana Flores Guerrero, with Ismelda, she noticed big blisters growing on the underside of her daughter’s feet.

Ismelda Ramos Mendoza
Bladenburg Police Department

Worried, she confronted the babysitter and asked what might have happened. Ismelda, however, claimed she had no idea.

The mom began to suspect the worst even so, and so called the police to report possible abuse.

The baby was taken to hospital, where her severe burns could be treated.

Screaming baby
Credit: Flickr / Tatiana Vdb (The child in the picture has nothing to do with the event).

The 36-year-old Ismelda was arrested, and it would soon transpire that she’d become angry with little Ana after the girl refused to stop screaming when she was cooking.

In a horrific attempt at keeping her quiet, she had held the baby’s feet to a red hot stove.

Such an act of depravity means that it will be a long time before Islmelda is confident of leaving her baby with a stranger again. Parents, always be 100% sure of the person who is acting as guardian to your little loved ones!

It boils my blood just to read about the atrocities some adults are capable of committing against children.

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