Mom follows her instinct and with the help of social media gets rare cancer diagnosis for her toddler

When Jasmine Martin spotted a small glow in her youngest child’s eye she knew something was wrong.

She took her daughter Sariyah to her pediatrician and was told there was nothing to worry about but Jasmine wouldn’t give up until she got a diagnosis, as per Good Morning America (GMA).

The mom of five posted a picture of her daughter on social media as the mark was getting bigger.

“That day, it was like a moon,” Jasmine told GMA.

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Last Thurs I noticed the glow in her eye was drastically larger and looked like a white hole. I’ve noticed it over the past few wks but it was small, and only showed at certain angles. I regret it now, by not thinking anymore of it. I just had a feeling she needed to be seen. Her dr got her in and said it was nothing serious. She said they’d just done an eye exam at her well check, but they did another one. She said her red reflexes were good, and googled stuff on cloudy eyes. I still wasn’t reassured, call it a mother’s intuition I suppose. But she referred her to an ophthalmologist. However, she let me know it would take weeks if not longer. The next part of the story is nothing short of a God story. A doctor/friend from work saw the photo I posted and messaged me. She reached out to an eye doctor and she wanted to see her immediately Monday(today).All weekend it felt like I was just holding my breath. “She has a tumor in her eye, and there’s a lot of seeds in the back.” It was like I was sitting outside of my body in that moment. The rest was a blur, and friends from work walked over and played with riyah while I talked with the doctor. St.Judes wants us there today, so we can meet with a doctor that specializes with retinoblastoma in the morning. She said I need to plan to stay for a week. I’m scared, confused, angry heartbroken and everything else. I’m upset her pediatrician said it was all fine, but now I know they just don’t see it that often. When this is over I’ll do my best to make sure there’s more awareness and education, so that all parents will be taken seriously should they ever notice it in their child’s eyes. Out of 14yrs of working in the hospital I’m always the one making appointments. I’ve seen parents completely undone as doctors have delivered heartbreaking news. But today it’s appointments being made for my own child, it’s me coming completely undone. We are on the way to St.Judes & have childcare set up for now. Unfortunately Jeff will still have to travel back and forth, but he’s staying with us as much as he can. We have no clue what to expect until the mri, so please just pray for her. Sariyah Rose is a fighter.

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Her post attracted hundreds of comments from people with some saying it could be cancerous.

Thankfully she had a friend who worked at a hospital so emailed a picture of her daughter’s eye to her and she showed it to a doctor.

It wasn’t long before Sariyah was being rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma, a rare form of cancer affecting only several hundred children each year.

Although not common for the disease to affect both eyes Sariyah had to have a spot in her left eye laser treated, which has since returned, but the tumor in her right eye, which caused the large glow, is shrinking.

In an Instagram post put up last week Jasmine said they had high hopes for a visit to the doctor but sadly her levels were too low for chemotherapy.

“This means we have to wait until next Monday to have her rechecked, chemo Tuesday and then hopefully leave Wednesday. I’m so disappointed and just want to go home. But this is part of it I guess, plans change and we just have to go with the flow,” the post read.

The day before Jasmine said they were rejoicing in the news that the testing on the spot that had returned in her left eye had come back negative.

“The photos of the tumor in her right eye today vs in the beginning gave me chills! We are still on the right track and just taking it one day at a time. But today I’m rejoicing in the good news!” she wrote.

Throughout it all her 17-month-old brave warrior remains “so happy” Jasmine told GMA: “Even when it (chemotherapy) makes her sick and she has a fever she’s still playing with her siblings.”

Jasmine hopes her story will encourage other moms to always follow their instincts if they believe something is wrong with their child.

Wishing sweet Sariyah all the best health and happiness for a speedy recovery through this tough time. Please share to pay tribute to this amazing toddler.