Mom gets pregnant via sperm donor – 2 yrs later she finds him and discovers the unthinkable

Aminah was just a young woman when she went through not just one, but two incredibly painful experiences. She lost two babies. No one should have to suffer such unfathomable pain. Her first son, Marlon, died just 4 months after birth. And she was forced to bury her second son, Louis, when he turned just 14 months. Both were born with a rare genetic disease – and Aminah soon discovered that her genes were the cause.

At age 42, Aminah found herself single and childless. But she continued to long for a child and simply could not imagine a future without one – especially after having experienced motherhood, brief as that was. She had a very difficult decision to make: She knew that there was a 25 percent risk that the next child she had would not survive if she chose to become pregnant. Would she try again?

Read the rest of her incredible journey below.

Aminah Hart from Australia went through a very tough period when she was a young woman. Her first son, Marlon, died just 4 months after his birth due to a genetic disease inherited from her. At that time, doctors could not provide a proper diagnosis and Aminah’s marriage went to pieces following the trauma.


Aminah tried to move forward and began a new relationship. She couldn’t accept not being a mother, though, and soon gathered her courage again to try to conceive another child. She became pregnant with another son, Louis.

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Her happiness was short-lived. The boy fought along valiantly, but died after just 14 months. In the end, the doctors discovered that both Louis and Marlon had a rare muscle disorder, which is inherited via the X chromosome and mainly affects male babies.

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Naturally, this traumatized Aminah and she wondered if she would ever dare conceive again. Gradually, though, she decided to head for a sperm bank to give it one last chance. The pregnancy went well and Aminah eventually gave birth to Leila, a healthy little girl. It all felt like a miracle.

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In 2013 Aminah’s mother, Helen, convinced her daughter to seek out the sperm donor personally. Aminah had selected the man carefully, out of several applications. She discovered that her particular donor, Scott Andersen, had accepted that potential mothers could reach out to him afterwards if they so chose.

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Aminah sent Scott an email. He agreed to meet with Leila and Aminah, and a rather formal relationship began to shape between them.


Scott, Leila and Aminah however quickly became good friends. They began to meet regularly. And… after a period of time, Aminah and Scott confided that they had feelings for each other!

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“We fell in love. It was surreal, but an incredible experience,” Aminah told the Daily Mail.

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The two are now engaged. What a story.

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Source: Abc, Littlethings

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