Mom hasn’t cut her hair in forever – now watch her reaction after her total makeover

Belita Edwards wasn’t happy with her hair. For health reasons, the mother and military veteran was forced to retire earlier than she wanted to. Now, she struggles to have enough money, and things that many of us take for granted, like having the cash to go to the hairdresser, are beyond her reach.

But fortunately, a project called “Makeovers That Matter” stepped in and gave Belita a life-changing new look she needed to get her confidence back.

The mission of the non-profit is to give female veterans and military wives the hair, make-up, fashion styling, and job interview training they need to get a new job and start a new career.

Belita enlisted the help of the project, and her transformation was captured on camera. It’s astounding. She doesn’t even look like the same person! But best of all, Belita is confident again.

Watch her transformation and her wonderful reaction to it here:

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