Mom holds newborn triplets for the first time – looks to the left and is immediately confused

Cache and Nick Gifford are today the proud parents of five children. All are under five-years-old and today the couple live the life any parents with young children experience – one with plenty of activity at home!

The couple had a daughter first, Albani. Then, two years later, came her little brother, Beckett.

Two years after Beckett was born, Cache fell pregnant again. This time, though, the family would get an entirely unexpected – but in no way disappointing – surprise when they went to see the ultrasound.

The doctor at the ultrasound pointed to the screen and explained that Cache and Nick weren’t expecting a third baby. They weren’t even expecting a third and fourth baby. Instead, they were expecting triplets! The parents were pleasantly shocked.

Cache took care of Albani and Beckett, who by this point were four and two respectively, while trying to get as much rest as possible with the three babies in her womb.

Finally, the big day arrived, and Cache and Nick went to the hospital ready for their family to virtually double in size. Just imagine, their household was going to jump in number from four to seven people in a matter of hours! It must have been magical for all involved, and we can assume friends and relatives were equally excited over the prospect of Cache delivering three new babies into the world.

Photo: Youtube

When they arrived at the hospital, Cache and Nick were given a place in the neonatal intensive care unit and received the very best of care from the healthcare professionals. The midwives supported Cache at all times, showcasing just how great they really are.

Soon after, Cache and the team at the hospital were able to welcome three new babies to the world. They were given the names Journi, Chezny and Tatym. Cache sat, overjoyed, with the three in her arms, cradling them gently back and forth.

She was able to move from the bed and into a rocking chair that staff had prepared, with several pillows and blankets making it comfortable as could be. Looks cozy, right?

Photo: Youtube

Two of the newborns needed extra oxygen and all three wore heart monitors, but they were healthy.

They lay there, in the safety of their mother’s arms, dressed in matching pink suits. Realising it was a perfect moment, the family decided to turn on the camera and let it roll. That’s when they captured a moment sure to be remembered at Christmas dinners and family parties forever.

Photo: YouTube

So, what happened?

Photo: YouTube

Journi, lying to the left of Cache, does something exceptionally cute. Take a look at the video below and don’t forget to share it if you, like me, loved this wonderful moment! Turn up the volume…