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Mom is stunned when a stranger mocks her kids – then her 7-yr-old makes a brilliant comeback

We can learn a lot from our children, not least how to behave toward our fellow human beings. Because sometimes while we adults are busy being rude and self-centered, our kids are naturally compassionate and sensible.

This story is an great example. A mother is standing in the checkout line at a grocery store when a cashier treats her children rudely. She’s shocked, but before she can say anything, her seven year old steps in and brilliantly lectures the grown man.

Scroll down to read the story and share it with your friends as a reminder that we should listen more to our children.

(I’m shopping with my two sons, ages five and seven, in early December.)

Cashier: *to my sons* “Are you kids excited for Christmas?”

Seven-Year-Old: “We’re not Christian. We’re Jewish. We get Hannukah!”

Five-Year-Old: “Meow!”

Cashier: “Well, it’s all the same to me. I think all religions are equally stupid.”

(This guy’s always been kind of rude, so I don’t bother replying to him. My five-year-old continues meowing quietly, my seven-year-old helps bag our groceries, and I dig around for my credit card to pay.)

Cashier: *to Five-Year-Old* “Do you want to hold onto your juice or put it in the bag?”

(He gets another meow in reply.)

Cashier: *in a nasty tone, to Five-Year-Old* “That meowing is really annoying and rude. You need to knock it off.”

(I am so angry. For a moment I am speechless. But then…)

Seven-Year-Old: *in a calm, patient voice* “My brother’s autistic, and he doesn’t talk yet, but he loves animals. When he meows, he’s trying his best to be friendly, so you should try to be encouraging. And your mom should have taught you not to pick on people who are little, anyway.”

Five-Year-Old: “Meow!”

Cashier: “…”

(I was so proud of my boys that day!)

Children are so wise—and they often behave much better than us adults. Share if you agree!

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