Mom just gave birth – but her family has no idea what’s waiting for them in the crib

There’s nothing better than seeing a tiny newborn baby for the first time. Unless, of course, there’s a surprise involved.

Like when Theresa Slater recently gave birth. All of her relatives came to the hospital to greet the newest addition to the family. But what they didn’t know was that they were about to get the surprise of their lives.

Together with her husband, Theresa had a special surprise in store for them…

The couple decided to keep everything around the birth a secret, so not even their family knew if they were having a boy or girl.

Image Source: YouTube

But when each relative arrived at the hospital and took a look in the crib, they saw the exciting truth.

There wasn’t just one baby lying there… There were two!

Image Source: YouTube

The couple had been planning the surprise for a long time and did their best to keep it a secret throughout the pregnancy.

“We kept the nursery locked so when people came over they wouldn’t see double. No one ever asked me if I was having twins,” Theresa Slater wrote on YouTube.

The looks on everyone’s faces say it all. They were overjoyed by this wonderful surprise!

Check it out here:

I couldn’t help but be touched by this video. And I was so happy to see everyone meet the twins. Please share this video with your friends so they can also see this family’s wonderful reactions.

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