Mom notices something growing out of baby’s face – doctors look closer and make astounding find

After noticing a red patch on their seven-month-old baby’s face, Aaron and Emma Washington would have been forgiven for thinking it was probably just a pimple.

They left it be, believing it would clear up of its own accord. Unfortunately, they were wrong, and what was thought to be an every day issue was soon diagnosed as something infinitely more bizarre …

Personally, I have to add that this is one of strangest stories I’ve stumbled upon in my Facebook feed in quite some time. The incident in question actually came to pass a few years ago, but it’s so … frankly, weird … that it’s small wonder it’s doing the rounds again.

Newspapers such as the Daily Mail, as well as TV stations like CNN, Fox News and CBS News have all picked up on the story of the baby who was the subject of a shocking discovery.

Red lump on baby’s face

Since the red mark on the baby’s face refused to disappear, the parents decided to go to the hospital and let a doctor examine her. With the lump only growing in size, mom Emma and dad Aaron began to seriously worry.

Initially, doctors first suspected it to be a simple infection. They soon realized there was nothing simple about it.

After running some tests, doctors noticed there was something lodged underneath the baby’s skin. One doctor began to dig around, and discovered … a feather!

Sounds incredible right? Doctors believe that the baby could have perhaps inhaled the feather, with it subsequently working its way out the other side of her skin. Fortunately, they were able to remove it without incident.

Below, you can watch an episode from American station CNN, where the doctors and parents opened up on the unusual case:

It’s amazing how the human body can work sometimes.

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