Mom sees newborn’s face and knows instantly he’s not hers – takes DNA test to prove it

Childbirth is a nervous time for all involved. Despite the promise of joy and happiness that comes with a new baby entering the world, there’s much to consider.

It’s human nature to be concerned over what can go wrong and, unsurprisingly, when it comes to giving birth there’s actually quite a lot that can ‘go wrong’.

Even so, one thing most moms don’t have to worry about is being handed the wrong baby. Well, that’s a nightmare scenario Mercy Casanelles had to experience shortly after delivering her son in El Salvador.

Mercy and her husband Rich Cushworth had to be apart for the birth – Mercy was forced to return to El Salvador as she was in Texas only on a temporary visa.

YouTube / Inside Edition

Rich remained in the U.S., patiently awaiting news on the biggest event of his life. Yet no sooner had the nurse handed Mercy her baby after birth, she realized something was wrong.

“When I got him, I said, ‘This is not my baby,’” Mercy explained to WFAA.

The baby, Jacob, was perfectly healthy, but Mercy’s instincts were screaming at her. And yet, she believed there was little she could do, she wasn’t even 100% sure that she believed it herself.

Instead, Mercy returned to Texas so that Jacob could meet his dad. She was quick to tell Rich of her suspicions – she just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

YouTube / Inside Edition

Two months later, Mercy had a DNA test done.

Low and behold, Jacob wasn’t their baby. Mercy and Rich had formed a bond with the little one by this point, but a larger question loomed: where was their biological son?

After a trying process, Mercy and Rich were able to return Jacob to his biological family. Before long, however, another problem arose: the El Salvadorian government refused to give the couple’s biological baby, Moses, a birth certificate or passport that would enable him to travel to the States for a year.

Eventually, after a long battle with the government, Rich and Mercy were able to claim their rightful son.

“[We’re] very thankful, very happy,” Rich said.

Watch the emotional homecoming unfold in the video below:

I can’t even imagine the worry and stress Mercy and Rich were forced to endure. Thank God they were reunited with Moses and both babies were able to find their real homes.

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