Mom strongly warns others about kissing babies after her son gets herpes

Parents are often accused of being overprotective of their children — especially if they don’t let anyone cuddle, touch or kiss their baby.

But it’s a mother’s job to protect her child and to keep him or her from becoming ill — whether that’s a cold or something more dangerous.

Although some still label moms as ‘crazy’ if they seem to ‘mollycoddle’ their kids and ‘wrap them up in cotton wool’.

But one mom, Amy Stinton, has issued a stark reminder that there is no such thing as being too overprotective when it comes to your kids.

Amy never allowed any strangers or new acquaintances kiss her baby boy, Oliver, and was a protective mom to him.

Facebook/Amy Stinton

But someone within her circle of family and friends kissed the 14-month-old child — while they had a cold sore.

He now has a disease he’ll have to live with forever.

Facebook/Amy Stinton

She doesn’t blame anyone, but instead took to Facebook to warn others about the potential danger.

On Facebook, she said: “This is what happens 2[sic] babies when been in contact with a coldsore[sic]. Oliver now has the herpes virus and will have this for life. Think before you kiss a baby next time.”

According to Little Things, baby Oliver was completely covered in sores after the kiss and, after rushing to the doctor, was given a diagnosis of herpes.

Oliver was in the hospital for four days with an IV drip — so this is clearly something people need to be more careful of.

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