Mom struggles to shop with whiny kids – then stranger taps her on shoulder and asks to see her phone

Motherhood is no easy feat. But above and beyond the daily difficulties of caring for children, there’s the challenge of remembering to try to enjoy it while it’s happening.

You never know what a great thing you’ve got — until it’s lost, as the old adage goes.

One mom, Jess Wolfe, was reminded of this in the most unexpected way recently.

As she was out shopping with her four children, she was losing her patience.

But then a complete stranger tapped her on the shoulder — and everything changed.

The stranger asked Jess if she had a ‘smart phone’. Annoyed, and in no mood to converse with strangers, Jess answered that she did.

© Facebook/Jess Wolfe

But that’s when the stranger did the most unexpected thing: She asked if she could snap a picture of Jess and her young children.

The reason was simple: herself a mom with children who have grown up, she told Jess how she wished she’d taken more pictures with her own kids when they were young.

Indeed as the years fly by, it’s common for mothers to wish they could have their young children back, just to hold on to them for a few seconds longer.

© Facebook/Jess Wolfe

Jess later recounted the unexpected events of that day on her Facebook page — and the touching story has since widely circulated online. Read it below.

Sweaty, baby strapped to my back, three year old insisting that her belly hurts and NEEDS her donut that she forgot to eat after lunch, 6 year old using everything in sight as a weapon, 7 year old wanting to spend the only dollar he has.


This was my trip to the grocery today.

While I was bagging up my groceries (thanks Aldi) and trying to quietly keep from losing my ever loving sh*t, the lady next to me asked if I have one of those phones that takes pictures.

Trying not to convey my annoyance to someone else adding to the million questions that make up my day, I replied that, yes I do have one of those fancy phones.

She asked to take a picture of me with the kids.

At the grocery.


She told me that she wishes she had photos of herself doing every day things with her kids. She validated the fact that a simple grocery trip is hard. She told me that what I do matters. She doesn’t miss what made the days hard, but she misses what made them sweet.

I will always cherish this picture and the message that came with it.

See Jess’ original Facebook post below.

What a simple yet meaningful encounter. It’s so true that we can get very carried away with everyday life and through it all, forget to enjoy the moments of sweetness. Share if Jess’ story touched you, too!

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