Mom who worked as housekeeper for 30 years breaks down after seeing son in pilot’s uniform

As parents, we all hope and pray that our children will grow up to be successful, confident, kind, and above all else, happy people.

Of course, a lot of how our sons and daughters turn out is up to us. Respect is taught, much the same as good manners and behavior, and often it’s the sacrifices we make as parents that determine what opportunities our young ones can benefit from.

Now, it should go without saying that not being able to give your child the very best education or afford the newest things does not make you a bad parent. We all do what we can to get by, and naturally a large part of the our kids’ futures is down to what they do, the choices they make, as well.

Most of us will go to whatever lengths necessary to give our son or daughter a chance in life. What they do with said chance is somewhat out of our hands…

A story currently doing the rounds well summarizes the concept of a parent sacrificing a lot so that their child was given the opportunity to do something great.

The tale in question – first shared on Reddit by user One Percentile – centers around a mother who reportedly worked as a housekeeper for three decades in order to fund her son’s schooling.

He had decided he wanted to be a pilot – no easy feat, as all can agree – but wanting to do something and having the facilities to do it can sometimes be two things that are worlds apart.

Credit – Reddit / MadeMeSmile

In any case, this particular mom worked her fingers to the bone to ensure that her son could complete his long education and go on to earn his wings.

Fortunately, he did just that.

The aforementioned Reddit post was accompanied by a video, one in which the pilot’s mom boarded a plane and got to see her son in his pilot’s uniform for the first time.

The unsuspecting woman boards the plane, only for an air hostess to suddenly pull the drapes apart, revealing the pilot standing before his mother with a bouquet of flowers.

Credit – Reddit / MadeMeSmile

Needless to say, tears follow, with the scene having an emotional resonance evidently much appreciated by those who have watched it online. At the time of writing, the video has amassed some 79,000 likes.

“I hope she got ALL of the in-flight champagne!” one Reddit user commented.

“Absolutely the sweetest thing,” another added. “The expressions on their faces say it all.”

“This is the most wholesome video I’ve seen all week!” a third shared.

“I can imagine what a proud mother she is to see the result of all her sacrifices in her son,” said another.

Watch the wholesome video in question below:

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