Moments after birth newborn twins make one move and stun the whole room

We all need a little comforting now and then — and siblings can be among the most reassuring sources of support and care.

But just when do siblings learn to love and care for each other? Twins, of course, share a special bond — and as this next story proves, may love each other as early as when they were in their mother’s womb.


Many of us seem to carry an innate fascination with twins — and why not? Two identical looking persons is certainly enough to fascinate the mind.

Twins are indeed a wondrous miracle — but they also of course mean added work and pressures for parents blessed with a double bundle of joy.

Sibling Comfort

In this wonderful clip, two sweet twin newborn boys have just been welcomed into the world. Having been snatched from the warmth of their mother’s womb, they are, naturally, rather upset. But while mother’s womb may no longer be an option, they still have each other.

The boys cry inconsolably but then something amazing happens — a hospital staff gently guides them closer together. Their reaction is as instantaneous as it is miraculous.

Watch what happens for yourself in the video below. Now that’s what I call sibling love!

What an incredibly sweet moment. I am so glad this moment was caught on camera so that everyone can appreciate it. Make sure you share this clip with all your loved ones if you agree it is amazing!