Mother and daughter transform their lives in 100-day weight loss challenge

Being overweight can be very tough, both mentally and physically.

And it’s also very difficult to change routines and start training – therefore moral support can be incredibly important.

Cheryl Shaw, a 50-year-old single mother, is a shining example of this. Cheryl works 12-hour shifts as an emergency nurse. While this is of course admirable, her own health and body have suffered much over the years.

Cheryl’s 17-year-old daughter Tessa has also fought against obesity.

One day Cheryl and Tessa saw a video online, which documented a woman’s exercise and weight loss journey. The two became very inspired and decided to begin their own journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

So mother and daughter together began a project, “Giveit100”. The next 100 days, they would start exercising and eating right.

At the time they accepted the challenge, Cheryl weighed 256 pounds and Tessa weighed 181 pounds.

“I’m definitely an emotional eater, and my daughter takes after me,” Cheryl said at the beginning of the challenge. “We’re sick of looking like this, and it’s time to get the weight off and work hard.” 

After 100 days, Cheryl dropped 42 lbs and Tessa dropped 32 lbs.

Their transformation is truly amazing to see. And I was even more impressed when I saw the wonderful relationship this mother and daughter have!

I so applaud these two courageous women! Great work!

Like if you would like to wish Cheryl and Tessa good luck in the future.

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