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Mother Delivers Three Pairs Of Twins Within 12 Years.

In 1998 mother Gezime Amer gave birth to two healthy twin boys. Two years later, Gezime became pregnant again, and once again, twins were on the way. She and her husband could hardly believe their ears when the doctor told them that they were expecting twin girls. Having two pairs of twins is very rare, especially considering that both pregnancies were entirely natural. “Many people have twins through fertility treatments, but it is much rarer for this to happen naturally,” explained her doctor. The family naturally became exceptionally busy with their two sets of twins, nonetheless feeling blessed by their quickly expanding family. Then in 2010, the unbelievable happened again.

Gezime and her husband, Adel, found out that she was once again pregnant again – with twins boys, bringing their child count to six – with three sets of twins.

“In this life, there are people who have different capabilities. There are athletes with great capabilities, there are doctors with great capabilities. And there are patients with good ovaries. God bless,” Gezime’s doctor said with a laugh.

In this adorable video below, you can watch the family meet their new twins for the first time. Economically, the situation has not been easy for the huge family of eight and they have at times struggled to make ends meet. But this has not taken from their joy.

“We do not have a lot of money, but we will make sure that the children have a bright future,” said Gezime. “Everything will be fine as long as we are together.”

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