Mother gives birth for 6th time – but when husband sees baby come out he shrieks

Couple Natalie and Kennedy from Waldwick, New Jersey, were already the proud parents of five wonderful little girls.

When it became clear that they would be parents for a sixth time, they decided to keep the baby’s sex a secret until birth.

They would of course be happy with whatever gender the child would be provided the baby was healthy – but it was admittedly a little loney for dad who who loved his wife and daughter dearly, but was starting to crave a little male company… 

It was finally the big day and mother Natalie prepared to deliver her 6th child. The family had decided to capture the moment on film for future generations to remember.

And it’s a good thing they did – otherwise how would they have captured Kennedy’s brilliant reaction?

The baby is … a boy! When a terribly nervous dad realizes he has his first son, his reaction is priceless. He bounces up and down, kisses his wife – and has the entire delivery room laughing.

His reaction is so intense, in fact, that the doctors ask him to take a seat and a few deep breaths.

Take a look at this dad’s wonderful reaction here:

As a parent, you never forget the moment your baby first meets the world… and this no doubt will apply to this proud dad!

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