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Mother has cancer – but now watch when her daughter gives her a total makeover

For many people, looking good also often equates to feeling good – and we have to admit that this is only natural. 

While what we look like at the end of the day doesn’t matter at all, there’s still value in what a nice appearance can do for one’s self-esteem and confidence. 

There are circumstances however in which we begin to lose control of what we look like – some more tragic than others. 

That is certainly the case for the mother in this story, who is struck with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

Fortunately, her daughter and makeup artist/blogger Nadina Ioana knew just how to help.

She recorded a heartwarming video of her mother a complete makeover in hope of making her mother – and all other cancer patients out there – a glimpse of hope amidst affliction.

The completely bald and pale skinned mother sits in a chair as Nadina starts to work.

Slowly but surely, her mom’s transformation begins to take shape.


First, she fills her eyebrows in. Then she begins to work on her mom’s face, helping lift it to its former vibrancy. 

Mom can hardly believe her eyes when her makeover is complete.


She completes the makeover with a stylish wig. Nadina’s mother is now a completely different person than the woman who originally sat in the chair.

Watch for yourself below – my heart just melted at the end!

Personally I don’t think we should ever really value appearance – but in cases like this, I can’t help but be so happy that her new look gave her a new vitality. You can really sense what it all means to her!

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