Mother Hears Her Daughter’s Heartbeat In Another Girl’s Chest.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.

When Debbie’s 7-year-old daughter, Jade, was hit by a car during a bike ride, she knew her daughter’s life was over. Debbie saw her daughter’s bicycle lying in a ditch, and next to it, her daughter just a shell of her former self. Debbie looked at Jade and realized that there wasn’t much that could be done, even though the paramedics quickly arrived on the scene. At the hospital, doctors declared the little girl brain-dead.

Debbie said farewell to her beloved little girl and then made a difficult, but beautiful decision.

Debbie donated Jade’s organs to three young children who were in desperate need of them. One of them was an abandoned girl named Nellie-Mai. Nellie was fighting for her life and she needed a new heart. But the doctors were powerless. They couldn’t perform a transplant without approval from Nellie’s parents, and Nellie’s parents had disappeared without a trace…

In the end, a couple named Jeff and Sarah Evans stepped forward and offered to be Nellie’s foster parents.


Doctors implanted Jade’s heart into little Nellie’s body, and the little girl thrived.

But her dad, Jeff, always wondered who gave Nellie the heart that had saved his foster daughter. Ten years later, he managed to track down Debbie and thank her for her precious gift. The heart that saved Nellie’s life had also brought him and Sarah together with their adopted daughter.

“Without Jade, Nel would’ve been dead within a few days,” Jeff told “Inside Edition.”

The meeting between Nellie and her family with Debbie was an emotional one. Nellie, who is now 10 years old, took off her shirt and let Debbie press her ear to her chest and hear the beautiful sound. And the sound of Jade’s heart beating was as strong as was when she was alive.

Thanks to Debbie’s kindness, Jade lives on. And every time Nellie takes a breath, she thinks of the little girl who saved her life.

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