Mother is pregnant with twins – but doctors see something unusual on ultrasound

To be told that you are going to be a parent is one of the greatest and most mesmerizing moments in life.

But Lisa and her husband not only got the news that she was pregnant – but also that they were expecting twins.

However, the doctors had more to tell.

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Ultrasound showed that the twins, whose parents chose to call River and Piper, were monoamniotic twins – which means that, in addition to being identical twins, they also share the placenta and amniotic sac without any partition.

This is highly unusual, and incredibly dangerous to the twins.


The doctors gave Lisa and her husband the option of abortion, since this pregnancy was highly risky.


But we loved you and wanted you even before we saw you,” wrote Lisa.


The twins didn’t have a dividing membrane, which meant that their umbilical cords couldn’t be separated, and as the embryos developed, their cords twisted and turned around each other, eventually got entangled forming a braid which was extremely risky, since one of the cords could compress another causing death!


When Lisa was only five months pregnant she had to be hospitalized, she needed full supervision for this high-risk pregnancy.

Regular tests were conducted through out the day, because the larger the twins grow the more dangerous the situation becomes and the twins have less room to move.


And good friends came to give support…


After 31 weeks, the day has come, and the fear of what would happen to the babies grew bigger and bigger. Doctors told the parents not to buy anything for the children, and to expect the worst.

Luckily the birth process went smooth, and Lisa gave two healthy little girls.


Her babies needed some care to be able to cope.


And the parents had to spend a long time in the hospital next to their babies, but finally, after 14 weeks, they were able to go home. Mom, dad and two little twins – a happy family managed to defy the odds and survive the risks!


These little two miracles are just beautiful!

Here you can see a video mom Lisa has made about the whole journey:

I am so happy these two little warriors have managed to defy the odds and survive – and what a wonderful joy for Lisa and her husband to become the parents of two little twins.

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