Mother lives with her daughter in a container – a peak inside and I’m sold

With a little imagination and creativity, can this simple box turn into a dream home?

Just ask Lulu – a mother who had to move out of her house and saw no alternative but to move into… a shipping container.

It might sound weird, but just wait until you see what Lulu has created. This is just too cozy!

When Lulu started studying, she didn’t have the time to take an extra full-time job on top of her studies. She wanted, however, to spend more time with her daughter during her free hours. But this meant she couldn’t pay the rent.

She was therefore forced to move out of her house – and instead opted to try living in a 15 square meter container which she got for free.

Image Source: YouTube

Without any construction experience, Lulu spent about a month fixing up their new home with windows, insulation, and a functional kitchen. She managed to build everything using recycled materials. Total cost on her new “house”? Just $4,000.

“When you don’t have money, you just get creative,” Lulu said.

The result? Cozy, to say the least.

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It doesn’t feel crowded or small, either.

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She even built a lovely porch to enjoy the sun.

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And the garden is quite nice too – a gorgeous green oasis! 

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Eventually, Lulu felt that a little more space wouldn’t go amiss, so she built a separate bedroom on a large trailer…

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… And check out just how amazing it turned out!

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Lula’s daughter also has her own loft where she can sleep and hang out with her friends.

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There was never any doubt Lulu wouldn’t hesitate to move to a cheaper place to have more time with her daughter.

“I mean this was really a choice about, you know, how many hours do we have to our life and how do I want to spend those hours,” she said.

Image Source: Youtube

Have a look at the video below for your very own tour of the tiny, cozy home:

Lulu proves that it’s all about using your imagination – and we’re really impressed. Please share her home with your friends to give them the chance to take a sneak peek at this very different, tiny home!