Mother Must Buy Clothes For Daughter’s Funeral. A Cashier’s Kind Gesture Is Now Being Hailed By Hundreds Of Thousands On Facebook.

I personally can’t imagine anything worse than the loss of a child. That kind of pain to me is unfathomable and all I can do is hope that no human being should ever find themself in that kind of situation. Unfortunately, it’s also a part of our reality and the world – even if it’s a terrible fate that truly no one deserves. The only thing we can do should such a terrible fate arise, is everything we possibly can to try to make things easier on the suffering parties. That is precisely what one store clerk recently did for one mother who lost a child, Natalie Henderson. Natalie was burdened with the painful task of buying a dress for her daughter’s funeral. Such a horrible errand was somewhat made more bearable thanks to one particular store clerk…

Here’s what Natalie wrote in her Facebook post, addressing the John Lewis store where she went to buy the clothing for her daughter:

John Lewis. I would like to send your staff in Aberdeen’s children’ clothing department a huge thank you from me and my partner. We sadly lost our beautiful daughter Alice this September and had to make the very frightening trip to the store to pick some clothing for her funeral. This was one of the toughest things I have ever done, to see happy mums and dads with their children picking out beautiful party dresses etc with their child in their arms.

Looking a bit lost and upset, we were approached by a lovely lady who helped us greatly, she gave us a voucher to have a coffee whilst she finished what she was doing and then she returned to offer us any items we would like free of charge. She would not take any money from us, she wrapped the tiny pink dress and tights beautifully and walked us to the door calmly and dignified. What a wonderful thing for her to do for us.

We thank her and the store with all our hearts. Alice truly looked beautiful. x

Here’s the mother’s original, moving post, which has since been liked by over 100,000 people:

John Lewis. I would like to send your staff in Aberdeen’s children’ clothing department a huge thank you from me and my…

Publicerat av Natalie Henderson den 30 december 2015

All I can say is reading about kind people like the store clerk in this story really touches my heart. Simple gestures can go a long way. Please like if you agree.