Mother of six doesn’t dare believe her eyes when she sees what strangers did to her home

As her family grew, mother-of-six Estelle Barnes-Summers wanted nothing more than to give her children a safe and healthy upbringing. Together with their father, they built a house in which they planned to grow and share countless memories.

But as the family worked on their dream home in Michigan, United States, their world was suddenly torn apart when they suffered the unimaginable.

Estelle’s husband was shot and killed.

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33-year-old Estelle suddenly found herself alone with her six children, mourning her husband and with a half-finished home. Nine months later, Estelle and her family’s tragic story aired on Fox. Thousands of viewers were affected by their story. It got a lot of people to react – and act.

About a dozen good samaritans decided to help Estelle and her children get back on their feet, volunteering nearly 2,000 hours of their time to finish fixing up the home and giving Estelle and her children a safe place to live. When the mother of six saw the end results, she was flabbergasted. “It feels like I’m dreaming!” she said.

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Estelle’s reaction when she sees her house is something I will not easily forget. Watch her reaction as she returns home with her family:

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