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Mother Of Three Daughters Bursts With Joy When She Finally Gets A Son.

They already had three wonderful daughters. So when the couple in the video below was pregnant with their fourth child, they decided to wait and find out the gender of their child when it was born. Still, they had a feeling it would be another daughter.

Obviously they would’ve been happy either way, but deep down, the couple probably wanted their fourth child to be a son.

When this mom was ready to give birth, she invited friends and family to support her at the hospital. One of them caught the whole birth on film, and the moment when the baby comes out is really quite amazing. The doctor lifts the baby up so the mother can see it, and she and the rest of the people in the room can’t hold back their excitement. The howl with joy. After three daughters, she had a boy. What a glorious moment!

three daughters
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Every parent knows the wonderful feeling of holding the tiny child they’ve waited so long for, and this mom and dad got to experience something even a little sweeter than that.

three daughters 2
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Watch the beautiful moment below. (Note: while the video isn’t unpleasant in any way, it does show a real birth.)

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