New mom is stunned when her boyfriend enlists their minutes-old baby to help him propose

There’s nothing more special than life’s great milestones—the graduations, engagements, weddings, and births that make memories to cherish for a lifetime. And perhaps the only thing that could make one of these joyous occasions even more memorable is when two of these milestones fall on the same day.

When 25-year-old Shane Brinkley found out that his beloved girlfriend Lauren French, was pregnant, he was overjoyed. And he quickly hatched a plan to surprise the love of his life on the day that she would bring their newborn into the world. Shane decided to make the birth of their daughter even more amazing by proposing to Lauren right there in the maternity ward.

“I’d been planning it for eight months. It was really difficult to keep secret—only Lauren’s mum and my best mate knew I was going to do it,” Shane Brinkley told the Peterborough Telegraph.

And when I saw the way Shane proposed—and Lauren’s reaction—I couldn’t help but tear up right along with this beautiful new mom…

Just after baby Nevaeh was born, her dad, Shane Brinkley, slipped her into a onesie with a special message written on the front and handed her to her mom, Lauren French.

baby proposal 1
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Lauren was left speechless when she read the onesie and couldn’t help but let out tears of joy.

It’s one thing to celebrate the birth of a child, but to have another of life’s major events come only minutes later is truly amazing.

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Nevaeh didn’t wait for a second to help bring her parents even closer together, looking adorable in her “Mummy, will you marry my daddy?” onesie.

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For a moment, Lauren was too stunned to answer Nevaeh’s pressing question. But when she did, she gave a resounding “Of course!”

The family then came in for their first group hug to celebrate the moment.

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The couple plans to celebrate their big day sometime in 2018. And from the love they show for each other in the video below, Lauren and Shane look like they have an amazing future together with baby Nevaeh!

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