Newborn Twins Refuse To Let Go Of Each Other While They Bathe.

In most cases, it can take weeks, months or years to build strong relationships between people. Although I believe that most people are born with a desire to seek contact with their fellow human beings, it is still a long process to get to know another person. But sometimes, this process is much faster… such as in the case of twins. It’s understood that twins have a unique and special bond with each other. Since the twins were somehow “known” to each other before even entering the world, they quickly develop a stronger relationship than many can imagine. Over the years, we have read countless stories about how twins perceive things the same way, even though they are thousands of miles apart. Many speak of sharing “exceptional experiences” together, almost like telepathy. And although the newborn twins below have a long way to go before they will one day nurture their independence, it already feels like their relationship is unbreakable. Using a new bathing technique called “Baby Spa”, these beautiful little blessings enjoy their first contact with the water. I had almost expected that they would be a little afraid of the bath and cry out. But their reaction shocked me. They remain just not quite calm, they also hold tightly to one another in a simply most wonderful way. It almost seems like they have not grasped that they can no longer lies in the mother’s womb… This is what I call true sibling love!

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