No One Has Seen Her Mom Without Makeup For 25 Years. But When She Turns Around And Reveals Her Face? What A Beautiful Woman.

For over two decades, Jan DeVito followed the same routine with her styling. She hair sprays her hair into a bun, then proceeds to apply a generous layer of makeup. Throughout the day, she reapplies sparingly — both hairspray and makeup. And she certainly doesn’t skimp with her makeup. She even does her makeup every night before bed, forcing her to change her pillow cases every morning when it’ smeared with residue! “I can not remember the last time anyone, including my husband, has seen me without make-up,” she says. Jan’s daughter finally got tired of her mom’s old, outdated, and heavily overly made-up look. She contacted the Oprah Winfrey show for help and requested that her mom get a hefty, much-needed makeover. Or ‘make-under’ for that matter. The final result is awesome! She is so much prettier without the layers of makeup! See for yourself in the clip below.

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