No one wanted to buy the twins’ teddy bear – until a Hollywood superstar showed up

It’s not every day that a superstar stops by and purchases your children’s old teddy bear.

But that’s just what happened to a guy named Alexander in Hollywood, Florida recently.

His twins, Allen and Brandon, were in front of the family house trying to sell their old, oversized teddy bear.

The boys were hoping to get $50 for it, which honestly, sounds like too much.

And for an hour, nobody stopped…

And just when it seemed like the boys should give up, a white Cadillac pulled over and surprised the whole family.

Out of the car stepped actor Angelina Jolie with her daughter, Shiloh.


This is where things gor even stranger. Angelina Jolie wanted to buy the teddy bear!

Twins Allen and Brandon were so excited that anyone at all wanted to purchase their bear that they didn’t realize that their customer was a superstar.

Angelina Jolie asked the boys about the price, and then handed each boy $50.


The family then helped Jolie stuff the bear into the trunk of her car, and Angelina and her daughter went about their day.

Watch the unexpected visit below:

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