No one wanted to tattoo Susanne’s prostheses – then Robin offered to do it free

Last May, Susanne Ekstrand Jansson was affected by blood poisoning and ended up in a coma. When she woke up, she had lost both her legs and all her fingers except her thumbs. She was also blind in one eye and deaf in one ear.

“I questioned living. But I decided to be positive about everything and do what I could,” she told local paper Helsingsborgs Dagblad.

Susanne was gradually helped to come back to life again. She got prostheses and could walk short distances with a walker. But the prostheses looked so dull, thought Susanne. And the sock that she could obtain to cover them did not quite satisfy her.

Meanwhile, she was wishing to be tattooed – something that was not possible for her due to her medical condition.

“So I thought what if I tattoo my prostheses instead,” she said. “But I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to do it.” 

That is, until she met Robin Jarnmark, a local tatoo artist.

“When Susanne arrived, she explained that no one wanted to take on the challenge of making her tattoos,” the tatoo artist said. “But I’ve always been moved by people who’ve lost something, and always thought custom work was cool. So it felt like a great idea to me. So I told her I’d take on the job.”

After some research, he came to the conclusion that the best method was to hand draw the tatoo with permanent pens and then spray paint the prostheses. Robin also decided to do all the work for free.

“When we unveiled one of her prosthesis, you could see the happiness in her eyes,” he said. “That was all I needed. Seeing a person who’d lost so much and still stood strong for what she wants to achieve in life was a salvation for me.” 

The tattoo artist later took to Facebook to tell the exceptional story. (In Swedish, below)

I think Robin deserves a ton of credit for thinking outside the box and helping make a woman’s dream come true! SHARE his kind gesture – and fantastic art!

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