Nurse yanks newborn baby, does the horrific while friend films it — now the internet is boiling

Working with newborn babies every day is something many who love kids might dream about.

When you come to a maternity ward to give birth, you probably take for granted that everyone who works there loves children and will do their very best for your newborn baby.

But working with newborns is not just about loving kids; it requires not only total responsibility but extreme caution as you are taking care of very small and fragile humans.

This story is about two naval nurses, who clearly ended up in the wrong department at a hospital in Florida, USA.

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Two young female naval nursing students were in charge of looking after a newborn baby at the maternity ward.

But one of the nurses thought it would be funny to lift the baby and pull its arms to make it look like it was dancing.

If that weren’t bad enough, her friend took out her phone and started to film the horrifying incident.

In the video, you can hear one of the girls saying between giggles: “We’re going to hell for this.”

Clearly, the two nurses understood that what they were doing was not right.  

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But their foolish and viscous antics didn’t end there.

They also released the video they took on their social media pages along with a picture of one of the girls making an inappropriate gesture with her finger and pointing it to another infant.

The picture had the following caption: “How I currently feel about these mini satans.”

That’s when their little prank came to an end.

© Facebook/WJXT4 Vic Micolucci 

As soon as the video and the picture began to circulate online, several people were shocked and reported it to the hospital’s management.

The nurses were immediately suspended and are now under investigation.

It’s scary to see how people can behave when you’re not watching.

One positive aspect about the incident is that the young women were brazen enough to expose themselves — hopefully this means neither of the two will be allowed to come near young children again in any professional capacity.

You can watch parts of the original video below. We would like to warn for distressing images.

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