Ohio couple’s wedding goes viral after groom carries bride’s twin sister down the aisle

An Ohio couple’s wedding day has gone viral for a very sweet reason.

On the day of Brian and Morgan’s wedding, Morgan wasn’t the only one who got to walk down the aisle in a pretty white dress. Her twin sister Macey did as well.

Macey, who has always been disabled but never been able to receive a formal diagnosis, was carried down the aisle by her brother-in-law.

“I just kind of told her I was like ‘Mace, look, all of these people are here to see you’ and then that’s when you see her sit up and she’s just kind of, like, taking it all in,” Brian said.

Morgan shared the heartwarming moment on social media were it quickly went viral.


My twin sister who has special needs came down at my wedding with my fiancé, now who I call my husband. I wanted her to have her special moment as a bride like her twin sister. I will forever cherish this! Look at how her just looking around at everyone like she’s on her throne 😭😍 this is why I fell in love with him bc he loves her as much as I do. #weddingtiktok #love #twins #marryme #lovestory #youarethereason #tiktok

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Ever since they were born the sisters have been attached to each other.

“I just love her and adore her,” Morgan said.

And Morgan wanted any future husband to know that she and her sister came as a pair.

“It was just important for him to know that she will forever be in our lives,” Morgan said. “And, one day she might have to live with us and stuff and if you’re not OK with that, it’s not going to work out.”

Brian was more than okay with forming a close bond with Macey as well.

So when the time came for the couple’s wedding on October 1, it was a no-brainer that they include Macey in their ceremony.

“I just wanted her to have that ‘all eyes on me, my special moment, I get to dress up, I get to wear a white dress and look pretty’,” Morgan said. “I just wanted her to share that with me.”

Watching this brought tears to my eyes! What a special moment for all involved.

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