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Old man dies alone at home – but what a pastor finds inside leaves everyone in shock

As advanced as our society is, it’s tragic that some people still die isolated and alone.

In some cases, it may be the person’s own choice, but too many of our elderly are left to their own fate when the authorities, friends, and family stop caring.

And this is exactly what happened to an elderly man from Salem, Virginia. He lived a secluded life without friends… and passed away just before a kindhearted potential friend walked through his front door.

Pastor Thomas William McCracken III agreed to take care of the deceased’s assets and act as executor to the man’s estate. And in December 2016, the pastor visited the man’s home for the first time.

“What I found inside, I was not prepared for,” he says.

McCracken became so despondent and disheartened by what he saw that he decided to share a video of the house on Facebook.

Now, he hopes his video will open people’s eyes to how we close our hearts to people who we think might not like us.

“I hope that it shakes you and wakes you as it has done me,” he says into the camera.

The pastor takes viewers through the man’s living room, kitchen, storage room, and bedroom, where the man is said to have died.

He also describes the bathroom, which is the most heartbreaking room of all…

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Publicerat av Thomas William McCracken III den 2 december 2016

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