Orphaned girl finally meets her adoptive parents

The adoption process can be drawn-out, extremely difficult, and feel like a years-long roller coaster of emotions.

And this was also the case for the couple below, who fought for years to adopt the child they’d long dreamed of bringing into their family.

Then two years ago, the day finally arrived when they would meet their little girl, Delaney.

“That’s what we’ve waited for,” Mom says. “Seven and a half years, and now she’s ours,” Dad replies.

The video of their first meeting hit me straight in the heart. The love that already existed in this new family is overwhelming enough. Once they were connected, Mom wore a necklace with a picture of Delaney on it, and Delaney treasured a pillow with her mom and dad’s faces on it. But when Delaney walks into the room where her mom and dad are waiting to meet her, everything becomes much more real.

And when she finally realizes who’s in front of her, I couldn’t help but shed a tear.

There’s no doubt that little Delaney will grow up in a safe and loving home. Share if you also agree that every child deserves to grow up in a loving environment!

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