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Paralyzed Bride Leaves Guests Speechless When She Comes Down The Aisle.

Life was perfect for Gina Springhower. She was doing well in college, she ran her own gymnastics school, and she had her sights set on great things.

But that all changed in one moment when Gina decided to take a ride with a friend who had been drinking. The car she was riding in veered off the road, hit a streetlight, and flipped several times. Gina was thrown through the window onto the gravel. Her back was broken and she was paralyzed from the waist down.

“I went from a 21-year-old independent, successful business owner and student to a 21-year-old infant in seconds,” said Gina.

Gina didn’t let her paralysis keep her down, though. After adjusting to life in a wheelchair and working with therapists for nine months, she returned to college and teaching gymnastics. Still there was something missing in her life.

She asked her dad, “Dad, do you think anybody will ever love me?” and he assured her that someone would.

And her dad was right. John, the man she would marry, soon came into her life.

And when the day came for the couple to get married, Gina shocked all of her guests. Although she had spent the past six years in a wheelchair, Gina walked down the aisle!

The beautiful bride was fitted with special leg braces and practiced using them in the time leading up to her wedding. And on her special day, Gina walked down the aisle, married the man of her dreams, and life was perfect again.

Learn more about Gina’s life and watch her walk down the aisle in the video below!

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