Patrick Was Born Without Eyes, But Has THIS Unbelievable Talent.

When Patrick Hughes was born, his family was devastated. He was essentially born without eyes and with malformed limbs. The father, who had looked forward to sharing everything with his son, believed that nothing could be the same again. Patrick became wheelchair bound and had a tough start in life, but he would not let any of that stop him from his passion… When he was just two, the toddler showed an interest in the family piano. He memorized tunes in his head, and played with a flair like few others. His parents quickly noticed his unexpected talent, and soon enough Patrick was performing in public. When he began attending the University of Louisville, a music teacher recommended he join the school orchestra. No one really knew how it would go, given that Patrick was in a wheelchair, but thanks to his dedicated and loving parents, he thrived. This story which of a baby that defied all odds just puts everything into perspective. Watch the moving clip below.

This completely blew me away. I thought Patrick was just incredible and has a very important lesson for us all.

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