People won’t stop parking on farmer’s land — his sweet revenge has the whole internet laughing

Sometimes, it’s hard to say “no” to people in a way that they understand. You want them to get it the first time. But if they don’t, you might have to put it in a language that they understand.

A farmer named Pavao repeatedly told people not to park their cars on his private land. But no one listened. So he decided to send them a message.

And his revenge, to the internet’s great amusement, was brilliant.

Farmer Pavao Bedekovic lives in Croatia. But even though he doesn’t live near a big city, he had a parking problem.

There’s a flea market in his neighborhood and its customers wouldn’t stop parking on his property.

Every time he asked people to move their cars, the farmer was ignored. Week after week, he asked them not to park on his land. Then, finally, Pavao decided to take matters into his own hands.

Pavao decided it was time to start prepping his fields for planting season and used his tractor to till the soil between the rows of cars. With the field torn up, the drivers had no way to get out.

The drivers were furious and called the police to report Pavao. But because the land was private, it turns out that they were illegally parked, and the police refused to help them.

Pavao might have earned himself a reputation as a grumpy farmer, but at the same time, I think his action was justified. I’m sure the public will think twice before parking on Pavao’s land next time they visit the flea market.

Watch this video to see Pavao till his field—to the horror of the flea market customers. Talk about revenge!

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