Perfectly Preserved 1950s Home Is Incredible Living Time Capsule.

I love all things vintage. Perhaps it all started when ‘vintage’ things became something of a trend some years ago, but what’s for sure is that as a rather traditional gal, I’m attracted to classic things with plenty of soul. I find such things so charming and compelling. Of all vintage things though – little has impressed or blown me away as much as this gem I recently discovered. It consists of a house – an entire house to be exact- that was left untouched, unmodified and meticulously maintained by its elderly owners over several decades. The discovery emerged when its 96-year-old owners at last decided to sell the house, which they amazingly had in their possession for 72 years. The home came to fame when the real estate agent mandated to sell the house entered inside – and was blown away by what she found. Step inside – I guarantee that whether you love vintage or not, this house will blow you away.

From its gorgeous entrance to the backyard, the Toronto, Canada house is quite literally a perfectly preserved time capsule from the 50s.

Enjoy your visit in time with the gorgeous photos below:

The breathtaking, meticulously maintained wallpaper in the front entrance.


Love the colors!

living room

Everything seems to match so well, including this charming bathroom.

upstairs bedroom

Adorable kitchen. Notice the pink phone!


Kitchen nook. This is really taking me back to another era.

kitchen nook

The formal dining room. Needless to say, no cell phones at this table!

dining room

Hall at the top of staircase. Just in love with this wallpaper.

top of stairs

Hopefully, the new owners like purple 🙂

third bedroom

And pink!

second bedroom

Charming master bedroom.


The den. Also impeccably maintained and untouched.

the den

Another view of the den, with fireplace.

another view

The laundry room.


Here’s the outside of the house.


And finally, the backyard.


Photos: HGTV

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