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Photo Of Girls With Cancer Has Moved Thousands. Mother Wants To Spread This Photo To Support Others Battling The Disease.

This picture is right wrong spread all over the world and it is truly amazing to see how strong love is – no matter age. My heart melts when I hear the story behind this photo and moment. It is also extremely sad, so I hope that this photo can help and support others that also battles cancer.

Mother Tazz Jones went to visit her 5-year-old daughter Maliyah and captured this heartbreaking moment. At a children’s hospital in Pittsburgh, she captured a photo of her little girl hugging her friend Madelina DeLuca, both battling cancer.
“This is the perfect example of love”, Tazz wrote in a Facebook post that has been shared by thousands of people all over the world.

Caption this! Repost & Share please! Trying to get this picture seen all over the world. So many people have been…

Posted by Tazz Jones on den 3 maj 2015

The girls immediately became friends at the hospital.
– She and Maliyah instantly clicked as if they knew one another for some time, she said to ABC7.

Little Maliyah was diagnosed with nerublastoma three years ago, after she recently turned two years old. She’s been through a lot in an early age. But after a bunch of treatments cancer returned after six months.

Maliyah’s newfound friend, two-year-old Madelina DeLuca, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia vän in November. Recently, she went through her, hopefully, last chemotherapy.

Mother Tazz hope that this photo can help and support other people who go through the same thing. I also hope that we, together, by sharing this photo, can realize her wish. As she wrote: “This is the perfect example of love.”

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