Police hunting mom-of-15 find "false walls" in trailer – and what's behind them chills my blood

Police hunting mom-of-15 find “false walls” in trailer – and what’s behind them chills my blood

One can only imagine the sorts of odd scenarios and downright strange situations police officers might find themselves in over the course of their careers.

I guess keeping society safe and apprehending bad guys and gals when needed entails a whole lot of unpredictability, but there can’t be many more shocking cases than that of Martha Crouch.

According to reports, Crouch, a mother-of-15, went on the run after striking a plea deal when faced with child and animal abuse charges in 2021. Following her disappearance – which directly violated the terms of her probation – a warrant was issued in New Mexico for her arrest.

And yet despite the authorities seeking to bring Crouch to justice, they were unable to locate her for two whole years…

That was until the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office received a ‘tip-off’ which led them to an unassuming trailer some 250 miles away in Colorado.

The break in the case is said to have come as police responded to a medical emergency involving Crouch’s husband, Timothy Crouch, 62, who had suffered a heart attack at a trailer park home in Huerfano County, Colorado on August 17.

The authorities obtained a warrant allowing them to return to the property to search it, and met one of Martha and Timothy’s adult children, who said she had been told her mom had died and that one of her siblings had been missing for three years.

Credit: San Juan County Sheriff’s Office

Police searched the trailer and, to their surprise, found a false wall. It turned out that Martha was hiding behind said wall, along with her 14-year-old daughter.

Crouch was promptly arrested for her outstanding warrant and her bond was set at $50,000.

Among the catalogue of accusations leveled at her when she faced charges of felony child abuse and extreme animal cruelty back in 2019, was that she had beat her children with kitchen tools, allegedly causing one of her daughter’s to miscarry.

The mother-of-15 was also accused of chaining one of her children to a bedpost to shame her into losing weight.

Credit: San Juan County Sheriff’s Office

I for one am thankful for the hard work the police carry out every day in an effort to keep us safe.

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