Postal worker finds 16-year-old shaking behind bush – ends up rescuing her from sex trafficking

I think it’s fair to say postal carriers don’t get the credit they deserve for all the tremendous and hard work they do.

One postal carrier, however, Ivan Crisostomo, truly went above and beyond the call of duty when he intervened to save a teenage girl from sex trafficking.

The incident in question took place back in 2018, when Ivan was out on his rounds. He had hopped out of his truck to make a delivery, when suddenly he heard what sounded like someone crying.

After investigating the source of the noise, Ivan spotted a distraught 16-year-old girl, Crystal Allen, huddling behind the bushes on her own.

“I heard this crying when I came out of the vehicle, so I approached her and I asked her. She was afraid, she didn’t want to talk,” he explained.

Ivan soon deduced that something was seriously awry; the girl was shaking furiously, and her demeanor was that of one who was afraid of her own shadow.

When Ivan asked her what was wrong, he was met with a truly terrifying response. Crystal simply told him: “They were putting things in me. They were putting things in me! They are coming to get me.”

Ivan realized he’d stumbled into the middle of a tense situation, but he couldn’t have known just how important his intervention would be. Crystal had been held in captivity for three months after being lured to Sacramento, where she was drugged and abused by someone she thought was a friend.

Fortunately, Ivan was on hand to help her in her hour of need, and he convinced Crystal to call her mother.

“She was frantic. I didn’t know what was going on,” mom Stacy Ohman said. “I couldn’t even understand her she was so upset and that’s when I told her she had to reach out to someone for safety and she gave the phone to Ivan and he instantly kicked into gear and told me that he would save my daughter.”

Ivan then let Allen sit in his postal truck until police arrived on scene.

He explained: “The way I see her, she has a wonderful future ahead. She’s doing so well. I’m happy. I’m really happy.”

What an inspiring, brave man Ivan is, and thank god he found Crystal when he did.

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