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Priest Surprises Entire Church With A Goosebump-Inducing Song.

Most of the guests in attendance at St. Brigid’s Chapel in Oldcastle, Ireland one day back in 2014 thought they were attending an ordinary wedding. But the resident priest had another idea in store for them…

On Leah and Chris O’Kane’s special day, the priest, Father Ray Kelly, only said a few words before four women provided a musical interlude. But when they finished, Father Kelly pulled the mic toward himself and did something that gave the entire church goosebumps…

Both families and all of their friends were stunned—and especially the bride and groom themselves!

Check out the priest’s surprise below:

After the April 2014 wedding, the clip went up on Youtube. And since then, over 50 million people have enjoyed this singing priest.

Please share his song if you’d also like to experience this at a wedding sometime!

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