Prince William breaks royal protocol – hugs families who survived the London fire

79 people have now been reported dead in the catastrophic Grenfell Tower fire in London.

The queen and her grandson Prince William paid a visit to the scene to greet the familes who survived the horrific fire.

Prince William caused quite the commotion but also touched a number of people. Why?

The prince broke royal protocol when he hugged a woman who had lost her husband in the fire.

It was last week Wednesday night when the distastrous fire broke out in Grenfell Tower, a high-rise apartment block in West London. The latest reports indicate that as many as 79 people have been killed in the fire.

Prince William and Queen Elizabeth visited the local community who were directly affected by the fire. These are people who have either lost their homes or loved ones in the tragic ordeal. Many people are still searching and waiting to hear about missing partners, friends and family members.

It has clearly been a distressing and emotional period for this community and Londoners all over. The prince although royal, is only human himself. There are however certain protocols one must abide to as royalty – something that didn’t seem to matter to prince William on this day.

Just like many Londoners and people from all over the world who have read the stories, the prince was obviously affected by the tragedy and had come to show his sympathy with the families.

A picture was taken of the prince as he consoled and hugged a woman in tears. The woman is 78-year-old Fatima Jafari, who lost her husband in the fire, writes The Mirror.

The image of the prince has quickly spread all over the Internet.

According to British customs, physical contact with members of the public by the royal family should be limited to a formal handshake. Hugging is breaking the rules by far.

The late princess Diana was known to regularly break protocols and rules as royalty. Her compassion and humanity always seemed to come before her status. She was often seen hugging victims and physically comforting children struck by tragedies. According to a witness who spoke to The Mirror, Fatima Jafari couldn’t stop crying and when Prince William saw the poor distressed woman, he didn’t hesitate to walk right up to her to comfort her.

We can clearly see that Prince William takes after his mother and I am sure if she were alive today she would be proud of him.

Well done by Prince William, who demonstrated empathy and compassion. Please share this with your friends.

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