Prince William breaks silence on Kate Middleton’s cancer news – makes heartfelt two-word promise

Prince William made a heartfelt promise to look after his cancer-sick wife upon making his first public appearance since her diagnosis a month ago.

It was reported last week that the Prince of Wales would be returning to his royal duties following a period wherein he has focused almost entirely on Kate Middleton. William gave a helping hand at food distribution charity Surplus to Supper at the weekend, and it was there that he encountered 71-year-old volunteer Rachel Candappa, who handed the heir a pair of get well soon cards addressed to Kate and King Charles.

Both royals went public with news of their respective cancer battles earlier this year, plunging the monarchy into a state of uncertainty with regards its future.

The shock news will likely have hit no one harder than Prince William, son to Charles and husband to Kate. The future king finds himself torn between his duties to the crown and his longing to take care of his wife, leaving him in a truly unenviable position.

Immediately after Kate Middleton’s announcement video, William made it clear that he would be shifting his focus to better care for her as she undergoes preventative chemotherapy.

This week, however, the Prince of Wales dipped his toe back in the water where royal engagements are concerned, offering something of an update on Kate in the process.

FELTHAM, ENGLAND – APRIL 18: Prince William, Prince Of Wales visits the Hanworth Centre Hub, a youth centre in Feltham which provides a range of services to create a safer and better-connected community that also receives a regular delivery from Surplus to Supper on April 18, 2024 in Feltham, England. His Royal Highness made the delivery from Surplus to Supper before meeting staff and volunteers to hear about the impact the food has on the services they are able to provide. (Photo by Ian Vogler – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

After being handed a pair of get well soon cards by 71-year-old well-wisher Rachel Candappa, William reportedly looked visibly moved. “Thank you, you are very kind,” he responded.

And when Rachel told him to look after Kate, William placed his hand on her shoulder and promised, “I will.”

Rachel, of Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, UK, recalled afterwards: “I said take care of her and he said ‘I will’.

“I was at home at 8.30 last night and I thought I had to do something this is a chance to give a card directly to the palace officials. I didn’t think I’d be able to give the cards to William. I said ‘can I shake your hand?’, I loved it, he was very down to earth. I’m never washing my hand again.”

The 71-year-old volunteer also revealed what was written inside the card addressed to Kate: “Nation’s hearts were broken when you very courageously went on the global stage on your own to talk about your personal health issues. With no trimmings or flowering around issues, you gave the chance just few chosen words to assure anyone who cares to listen that you will fight this dreadful “C” disease. You must have had a lot of steel in you to hold it together.

“Your Royal Highness you are going to beat this with the support of your dutiful and loving husband, caring parents and very close siblings. It’s no miracle not only His Majesty the King but the whole world is proud how you are focusing on to keep healthy and protect your children through this difficult times. You have not stepped a foot wrong to date and don’t let anyone say otherwise. The whole nation will be behind you.”

There has been no official update on Kate’s condition since the brave video via which she announced her cancer diagnosis. Neither is there any word yet regarding when the Princess of Wales may return to the public eye.

Back in January Kensington Palace claimed that she would resume her royal engagements after Easter, though that was prior to her illness becoming public knowledge.

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