Quarantined Italians sing together from their windows across empty streets

The world is trapped in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic and that means all sorts of unusual things.

Borders have been closed, people are sitting in quarantine, schools are being suspended and mass gatherings are a big no.

Without a doubt one of the worst hit countries has been Italy, who have closed their borders and are very much living right now as a locked-down state.

People are staying behind closed doors and the streets are deserted, but that hasn’t stopped Italians from engaging socially with one another. No, in fact videos are going viral on social media showing just how groups of people sitting in quarantine are getting over the boundaries … by singing.

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the sound, and certainly inspiring given the challenges the country is facing at the moment.

Indeed, here in the U.S. we could do with some of the same unifying spirit. Recently leaked documents show the potential scale of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., with experts suggesting as many as 98 million Americans could get infected.

We’re sending our prayers to the people all over the world who are fighting coronavirus.

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