Research proves: A chocolate cake for breakfast is good for the brain

Is there anything in the world better than chocolate cake? Alright, there probably is … but that doesn’t mean we haven’t all been tempted by seeing it in the fridge one time or another. I myself am guilty of having seen chocolate cake first thing in the morning and weighed up the pros and cons of having a slice for breakfast.

OK, I’ll admit it, I’ve indulged on an occasion or two. Maybe four or five occasions, to be fair.

Apparently, though, if researchers are to be believed, there’s no reason why you should have a bad conscience if you eat cake first thing in the morning. Quite the opposite, in fact.

There’s been a lot of research on chocolate over the years, and plenty of studies have shown that chocolate – in moderation – can actually have a number of positive effects.

A personal favourite of mine is a very interesting study undertaken at Syracuse University in New York. Researchers examined 968 people aged between 23 and 98; the study followed their food intake and general diet.

The researchers concluded that chocolate can have a positive effect on your memory, and actually help your brain to process information and apply knowledge.

Good to eat chocolate in the morning?

Studies at Tel Aviv University have shown something else that’s every bit as interesting as it is surprising.

They examined 193 overweight people and decided that a good breakfast eaten alongside something sweet (chocolate for example), can actually help a person to lose weight.

Researcher Daniela Jakubowicz found that the brain benefits from immediate energy when it wakes up. Therefore, you can also feel better and enjoy a happier start to the day if you consume a little chocolate.

That’s because chocolate contains the substance serotonin, which controls your mood and attitude. This means that by giving it a nice boost, you should be able to better enjoy your days.

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Not so stupid to read this after all, right?

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