Rude teens torture janitor - until he comes up with a brilliant way to stop them

Rude teens torture janitor – until he comes up with a brilliant way to stop them

Teenagers can be cruel, selfish creatures sometimes. Sure, you might blame their raging hormones, but their bad behavior is often more about a lack of respect.

The support staff at high schools takes a lot of nonsense from some students, and the janitor in this story is no exception.

Some rude girls wouldn’t stop kissing the bathroom mirrors at their school and leaving them covered in lipstick.

It sounds harmless until you realize that somebody has to clean it up. But fortunately, this janitor had a brilliant trick up his sleeve. It got the girls to stop—and it also taught them a lesson they’ll never forget!

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When the principal heard about the problem, she asked the girls to stop. But it only got worse.

Breaking the rules was almost a thing for the girls, and they seemed to do it just for the fun of it.

But then, the janitor decided to take matters into his own hands.

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He called a meeting with the main suspects. He wanted to show them how much time it takes him every night to clean the lipstick off of the mirrors—unnecessary work that forced him to put in overtime and lose precious time with his family.

And when the girls saw what the janitor used to clean the mirrors, they were horrified…

These young ladies will definitely think twice about crossing the janitor anytime soon!

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